Here’s to all your memories made at GIFT. We are giving you a chance to come close and relive your golden era adorned with never ending friendships. This portal reconnects you to those times and people you had at GIFT. GIFT offers a channel through which you can keep in touch with one another. As a former student you can register through website. You can update your details online, find friends and contact them, post messages, exchange your business views, connect with the current students and much more.

  • You will be invited to important events of the university such as convocations, sports day, Bonvenon, Societies Week etc.
  • The registered Alumni will regularly receive the University’s e-newsletter.
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  • You will have the opportunity to actively contribute towards the development of your institution. The University will invite your comments and suggestions for improvement from time to time.
  • The Alumni Card comes with special discounts at various shopping outlets & restaurants. Click here for the list of discount.